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Welcome to Tomodachi Daiko

Since its founding, Tomodachi Daiko has built more than 30 drums and has grown to more than 100 members, a diverse group composed of drummers of all abilities and ages.

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Our Team learning from the masters

  • Sachiko Kono, the current President of Tomodachi Daiko, Inc. born in Tokyo has been studying, teaching and sharing the fun of taiko since 2000. The founding member of Tomodachi Daiko, Sachiko thought taiko a fun way to introduce her Japanese language immersion students to an ancient Japanese art...

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    Sachiko Kono
  • Toshifumi (Toshi) Kono, the current Board Member of Tomodachi Daiko, Inc. born in Tokyo, first started with Tomodachi Daiko nine years ago to help his wife, Sachiko. The group needed fue (the Japanese bamboo flute) player, a kane (the bell) player, another drummer – one thing led to the next –...

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    Toshifumi (Toshi) Kono